Friday, November 16, 2007

Doin' just Fine here in Nadigram. Just Dandy.

With this fiasco in Nandigram, the esteemed 'Leaders' of the Government of West Bengal have undeniably earned their position as the most utterly ignorant government in the history of India.

According to our government, when some violence broke out in the Nandigram area, the CPM party sent some of its 'boys' to 'resolve' the problem. The Police were told to ensure that the 'boys' faced no trouble, and they obeyed, in the cheerfully spineless manner the residents of this state have come to expect of our Police Force.

Fact to Ignore #1: Who the @*%$ are these 'boys' to enforce peace ? There is a difference between supporters of a political party, and enforcers of Law and Order in a democratic country.

Fact to Ignore #2: The cauldron of violence had been boiling in the Nandigram area for quite a while, however, the Government chose to ignore it until it was on the daily news - it would appear the the Government depends on 'Star Ananda', 'Tara News', and 'Chobbish Ghonta' to inform it of what is going on in its own state. It should be noted that the last, 'Chobbish Ghonta' is, through various means, influenced, if not entirely controlled, by the CPM party.

Fact to Ignore #3: The Government could see, on live television, the atrocities being committed in Nandigram. They still assured the public that Nandigram was now an entirely peaceful area, and the only trouble had been caused by Maoists and Trinamul supporters (NB. I do not possess any sort of bias towards any of these parties - I am, in Twainian tradition, entirely democratic - I hate them all equally). Also, I have till date been unable to find any reason for the existence of these 'Maoists' - Their agenda seems to be rather ..hazy.. I would give a lot to know exactly what it is they want.

Here is the TRUTH, mon ami - The CPM cadres in te Nandigram area have alredy murdered, raped, and pillaged (though, in some cases, they seem to have forgotten the Golden Rule of Invasion : pillage, then burn) - if peace is restored to the region, and Justice is served, they're facing, at best, a decade or five in prison. They are cornered rats, and thus, they act and fight like vermin. Even as I type, they kill more people - and they shall kill until they are stopped. The question now, my friends, is not who these people are, or what should be done to them - I for one, would like to spare more thought on the victims and the survivors, rather than the murderers.
This is not the first time a village has been 'taken' by the CPM - this has happened many times in the past, however, this is the first time the media has caught them red handed.

There is, of course, another reason for the violence - we know why these CPM cadres are fighting - but what motivates the people who are fighting against them ? Sadly, it is not merely love for their land which sets their hearts aflame. The tragic truth runs thus - The CPM, in wanting to control more votes, has been, for a not inconsiderable period of time, letting in illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. This has resulted in a large number of terrorists being escorted over the border of the Republic of India by the CPM. This is, perhaps , part of the reason why there are not many terrorist attacks in West Bengal - the terrorists do not wish to attract attention to the hole in the wall.

The population of Nandigram contained many such immigrants, who have no legal means of survival outside the areas where the CPM cheerfully turns a blind eye to the fact that the population of an area id nearly triple of what it should be (the number of false ration cards in West Bengal is, according to many estimates, comparable to, and perhaps even greater then the number of legal ration cards). These people had nowhere to go if the land on which they lived was seized by the government - and they would, of course, get no compensation - they were not supposed t be there in the first place ! And So, they fought back. Cornered rats, against vermin who are now in the same boat.

A disgusting, revolting, and utterly inhumane condition, caused by the foolishness and lack of foresight of the people of West Bengal - for I find them the true criminals in this case ! Criminals, who have not revolted against the atrocities of the government earlier, before it escalated to such levels. Criminals, because of whom, few will now wish to invest in this state. Criminals, who are to blame for this - for all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

I, for one, am most displeased (I am well recognized for my talent for understatement) with the actions of the government. If I could, I would roast that fool of a speaker Biman Bose over a slow fire. By the GODS, what an imbecile ! "A new Sun has risen in Nandigram". My foot. They call themselves communists.. Leftists (!) - when they know nothing of what they preach, and are more likely to think of plates then philosophy when Plato is mentioned.