Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oogabuga !!

Tada ! Thank the Gods ! Jump for Joy! Praise the Ponce !

News that is Good: I is kcab !
Bad that is News ? Whatever little semblance of geeky humour I once had has been reduced to me finding things like saying wookiewookiewookiewookie funny.

wookiewookiewookiewookiewookiewookiewookiewookie .. ahem. And even this was not original ( thank God ! ).

Sorry about the delay - which was one of the reasons I allowed Arka into the blog - I knew that I would be unable to post for a while, so... Oh well. Now, onto the reson of my inability to post : College admissions. At first I thought that the lines at Xavier's were bad, but, I have been forced to revise my opinion by Presidency College - in Xavier's, you could, at least, submit the form online - you only had to come for the interview (and for the $^_^ $). Here ? You do have an online form, but in order to pay the Rs.15 fee, in order to get it validated, you have to stand in a line for one hour and thirty seven minutes ( That is how long I had to wait ), then, you have to fill up the form, where, for some reason, they have separate fields named : Address, Parent's Address, Communication Address and Permanent Address. After filling up this form, you then have to submit it, for which there are more lines - you can go for two Honours subjects, for each of which there is a different line. I had to stand in sweltering (we are talking 41ÂșC in the shade with 92% humidity, which was what the instruments there indicated) heat from one thirty three to five forty nine that's 1:33 - 5:49, with no fans, no ventilation, no water, no internet access, no anything in a queue that stretched from .. well, the corridor is 200m long, and the line doubled back and turned, so it was about 350m when I reached it. This was just the Physics queue. The mathematics ( see the absence of the M? Sharma will do that to a person. ) queue was even longer.
The only reason I survived was because I never actually stood in the queue - I took my leather bag, puffed myself up, put on a SJ ( Sab Janta ) face, and walked in. Nothing succeeds like effrontery, especially on a massive scale. ( Take that, Aviroop ! Name the book, If you can... )This post is just a filler - as soon as I am able to ( read : as soon as His Most Great Highness condescends to get up from his Most Wonderful Soft And Fluffy Bed ), I shall begin posting properly.
Bye, Debayan.
P.S. : Calm down, Arka. As Anindya used to say whenever we got a sum wrong - Don't be emotional.
P.P.S. : Guess who wrote this ( No cheating by searching... or ELSE ! )
Which came first, the egg or the rooster?
P.G.Wodehouse or Bertram Wooster?
I know hawk from handsaw, and Finn from Fiji,
But I can't disentangle Bertram from PG.
I inquire in the school room, I ask in the road house,
Did Wodehouse write Wooster, or Wooster Wodehouse?

Monday, June 05, 2006


I believe in reservation very strongly. I completely agree with what our PM is trying to do. But I believe that there should be reservations everywhere:

I am in favor of reservation if:

1. There can be reservation in Government jobs . Recruitment of only SC/ST(60%) and OBC (40%)pilots for aircrafts which are carrying the ministers and politicians (that can really help the country and save many of us the disater of many a political coup.. )

2.Allow only SC/ST and OBC doctors to operate on ministers and other politicians. (Another way of saving our land..)

3. Lets turn to sports:
i. Cricket: OBC hitting a four will be a six
Scoring a 50 will be a century
Running halfway between the creases will be considerd one run
They will be allowed 2 chances while getting out
ii. Football: Striking any part of the goal posts will be a goal
iii. Athletics: A gold Medal for running half the distance

4. All cars and planes ferrying ministers to be built by SC/ST or OBC engineers.

5. Flats and houses to be built only by SC/ST or OBC architects

LETs take INDIA ahead.
Jai Hind!!!!!

I am now a member of the masters blog and i will write from time to time

Happy Blogging