Friday, January 20, 2006

Long time no see

Sorry about the delay, but yes, I DO have an excuse, and a very good one : Examinations. If you are not a student of 16-18 years of age preparing for the IITs, then you have absoloutely no idea of what I am talking about - I am talking nonstop studying of absoloutely worthleess matter here : You have to know , and have at your fingertips , everything from self induction to assymetric effect to the equation of the common tangent of an ellipse and its conjugate to the derivation of the four points at which any two conics meet. AND on top of this, we also had to learn to do all of these in two ways : The correct, condensed method, for IIT, and the incorrect, staggeringly l o n g method for school. Some of the exams were pretty easy, though - the computer paper was photocopied from the ISC 2005 paper ( I mean it - they even copied the spelling mistakes ), the maths paper was a walkover, and the language papers were reasonably easy. Enough ranting. Have a great time ( better than us, I hope ).
Message for Neel and Dibyayan : Send me your addresses, I want to send you an ITC calendar.

Bye, and keep in Touch, Debayan.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year !

And with this Most Imaginative Title, I begin blogging in 2006. Here's wishing a Very Happy New Year to : Abhishek, Abhinav, Alexander, Amion, Ananda, Aniket, Anirban, Anshuman, Apratim, Arindam, Arko, Arnab, Asad, Avishek, Barun, Davis,Debadyuti, Debanjan,
Dibyayan, Dipankar, Disha, Dwip, George, Guru, Harsh, Hui Ying, Indrashish, Ira, Ishaan, Jishnu, Kunal, Moinak, Natane, Nayanika, Neel, Nili, Piyali, Prayag, Radhesh,Rajat, Rajdeep, Ranjan, Rina, Saurabh, Sauradeep, Shabir, Sonali, Soubhik, Soumabho, Souvik, Sriman, Sudipto, Suman, Swastik, Unmesh, Vikram, William, and a thousand others ( I am way too lazy to type all of THAT ).

Best Wishes From Debayan Gupta on 01 - 01 - 2006