Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Oh well. Xavier's reopens tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to butchering the profs again. Mbwhahahahahahahahahaha !
And IE7 is finally done. And its actually GOOD ! Just add on someting like flashblock, and I'll use it, and nothing else. This ongoing browser war seems to be, to me, at least, obsolete. IE and Firefox are now so similar, that saying something like " Get this for better browsing" or " Other assorted blah blah" is foolish. Why do these people not devote their time to building better websites is beyond me. Right now, there's a kind of.. for the lack of a better word... an almost.. communal divide between users.... Firefox/IE, Windows/Linux, Mac/PC; some are choosing Win+Apple (!!!) insteadd of the usual wintel combination. Its totally meaningless.. write one article, say, supporting Windows.. and you'll get a hundred responses from aggrieved Linux users, some of them making excellent points, others being framed with suspictions of your ancestry, sexual habits and cranial capaciy... WHY ?!!!
Its JUST a bloody comp. PEBCAC. Look outside the confines of your screen for a minute.

- Debayan.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

bbbbBooM ! Pyromaniac Paradise !

Had a greeeeeat Diwali... Ahem.. Now Hear This : I have made a new record : Of lighting six (6. Get that : !@#$%SIX ) Tubris with one (that's 1. O.N.E.) fuljhari. Woo Hooooooo.
Important note to self : Beat up shopkeeper who sold defective rangmashals. Bloody thing burst while I was holding it.
Well, all that hullabaloo with the police running around, announcing that firecrackers emitting sounds above a certain intensity were banned.. along with threats of arrest turned out to be... well.. gas . The puja organisers had been specifically asked to warn everyone not to buy any illegal firecrackerss by the police. Sadly, the evening found the police selling the same to anybody with a few rupees to spare (apparently, they had siezed a large quantity of "shhobdobajis" from somewhere.. and some people saw a business opportunity).
Yen-yi-ve, I am swaying right now.. I haven't slept all night.. and I have yet to open seven out of the twelve packets of bajis that I had bought.
Burn ! Burn ! Burn !
Mbwhahahahahahahahahahaha (cough....choke) Ahem..
Wishing you all a Happy Diwali,
Debayan Gupta.

Friday, October 20, 2006

X-ray eyes.. and now Invisibility !

Remember that evil piece of ^&$* called Snell's law ? Well, finally, I am pleased to say : He was wrong. Take that, Bijon, I told you so !(Even if I was not necessarily thinking of um... whatever : He was wrong !).
All known materials, tilll now, had a positive refractive index...
"But scientists from the University of California at San Diego described in Friday's issue of Science a strange composite that has a negative index, essentially reversing Snell's law. This new mix of fiberglass and copper rings and wires (see image) is far more than a curiosity, the researchers say. It may very well lead to novel electromagnetic devices and even perfect lenses, unhindered by diffraction limits and thus capable of focusing light in unforeseen ways.
Sheldon Schultz and his colleagues produced the class of composites last year, predicting at the time that it would defy a number of ordinary properties, including the Doppler effect. Their recent demonstration is only the first of what they hope will be several to reveal the composites' unorthodox behavior. In this case, they showed that microwaves—at the same frequency as those used in police radar guns—emerged from the material in the exact opposite direction from that predicted by Snell's law. Next they hope to extend the material's powers to focusing visible light. "
And a few months after this, along came the nearest thing to an invisibility device that we have today...
Okay.. first things first : these devices are made out of metamaterials; what the bloody F#^$ are metamaterials, you ask ? "A metamaterial is a composite structure, built of metal rings and wires embedded in fiberglass, that makes light behave in weird ways. Metamaterials can be used, for example, to bend light sharply or to focus it to a higher resolution than is normally possible. More recently, researchers pointed out that the technology should make it possible to construct spheres or cylinders capable of cloaking an object almost perfectly from detection by a single wavelength of light. When light strikes a metamaterial it causes the electrons in the metal pieces to vibrate; these vibrations in turn affect the speed of the light. A metamaterial shell with the right gradient of metal elements should cause light of a particular wavelength to wrap around the shell's interior. "
Soon, they hope to be able to conquer the challenge of completely cloaking an object from the visible frequency... ahh the prospects of such a device ! Are you pondering what I'm pondering ?

- Rasevaudez, Debayan.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

AHA ! Intelligent life does Exist !

Its True ! I saw the whole thing !


The net, it seems, is flooded with more acronyms than my ram can hold, and so, I am listing some of the ones which come to mind ...
  • AFAICS = As far as I can see
  • BTW = By the way
  • FYI = For your information
  • HAND = Have a nice day
  • IMHO = In my humble opinion (egoless)
  • IMAO = In my arrogant opinion (e.g.o.)
  • IMNSHO = In my not-so humble opinion (a lot of ego)
  • IMO = In my opinion (not much ego)
  • IOU = I OWN you. (NOT I owe you, not when you're on the net.)
  • MYOB = Mind your own business
  • OTOH = On the other hand
  • PEBCAC = Problem exists between chair and computer
  • PEBCAK = Problem exists between chair and keyboard
  • PMFJI = Pardon me for jumping in
  • RTFM = Read the ___ manual
  • SO = Significant other
  • YHBT = You have been trolled
  • YHL = You have lost
More ? You want more ? Ok. I'll Give you more ! Here you go , Master Twist.

DNA computing is on a roll...

Remember all those darwazas from Sudip's class ? Well.. loook out Silicon Valley - Researchers are developing DNA molecules to mimic the logical operations carried out in silicon-based computers as a way to improve biomedical technologies or aid in assembling nano-size building blocks into new materials. In one approach, a series of wells is filled with hairpin-shaped strands of DNA, called gates, which respond to inputs in ways chosen by the designers. A group had already shown that such a system, called a molecular array of YES and AND gates, or MAYA, can play a game of tic-tac-toe restricted to certain moves. (quoted)
The fact that DNA computing works at such a level, considering that the science is still, more or less, in its infancy, is proof of the immense potential of the subject.


Long time no see, eh ?
Oh well. I'm back now after a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, and I'm here to stay.
Debayan Gupta is in the building.